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If you're not looking for it, you won’t find it

Stating the study objective on a higher level improves scope and depth of answers – to ask what an object means to people in addition to what it does for people.

This illuminates the interplay of people, product and brand as users experience it – a vantage point which is often left unexplored, yet essential to formulate an effective strategy.

Users are experts concerning the every day use of a product, but they are not used to put this knowledge into words.

We therefore use a mixture of factual and intuitive evidence collection methods to enable the user to adequately communicate his perspective.


The methods we most commonly employ are:

literature review: publications and academic studies | relevant trends | competitive environment |

one-on-one: interviews | people clips | video-observation |

self observation: user diary | probes | photo survey | collage |

workshops: participatory design | focusgroups | expert panel |