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Building bridges

The recommendations making up the strategy lead the way toward resolving problems and misconceptions, and provide ideas which take advantage of identified opportunities.

Taking into account evidence and analysis of the user study as well as trends, market realities, product design insights and client concerns, we verify recommendations to make sure they advance a common goal: Bringing together people, product and brand in the most effective and successful way.

The strategy presents a plan of action for continued development of products & services, and provides input for design, marketing and advertising.


Recommendations concern:

form and ergonomics: product environment | ergonomic requirements | interaction with related products |

visual language: colours | form elements | materials| related products & services | integration into brand |

information architecture: visual communication | analogies of use | interface | hierarchy of action |

emotional ergonomics: needs and desires | product and brand experience | future scenarios | cultural aspects |

user categories: differentiation | classes of use | past and future users |

The Product Story: the product presented in the compact form of a story